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Intro to Metals

Students are introduced to sheetmetal. Students learn by doing and gain a set of universal skills as they create a sheetmetal tool box. This project incorporates many basic sheet metal working techniques. Through the layout stage the students learn how to read a set of blue prints, use various layout tools such as scribes and combination squares. In the cutout stage we cover various shearing methods; learning about aviation snips, notchers and foot shears. Students learn how to create hems, offsets and tabs in the bending process.

Finally they learn about fastening methods with pop rivets and spot welds through the assembly process. This project is complex and requires great attention to detail and if simple rules are followed the students have a beautiful project that they can be proud of and will last a lifetime. 

The tool box project is one of my favorite projects because it teaches many different skills that have served me well in the construction industry and I hope it does the same for my students.

by Mr. Rien

Students work with sheet metal.   Students work with sheet metal  Students work with sheet metal   Students work with sheet metal

Mr. Rien