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Sixth Grade Top 20

The 6th grade students finished up their Top 20 lessons with me the last week of school before winter break. On the last day of our lessons, the students created their own puzzle piece in which they drew, wrote, or did both to identify what they will take away from the Top 20 lessons. During our time in Top 20 together, the students learned a lot of valuable information on how to pursue personal growth throughout their lives through their thinking, learning, and communication. Whether it was discussing how to be a bucket filler, learning to be mindful of their non-verbals, to be an upstander, or learning how to shred away their worries, the 10 lessons were created around the emphasis of helping students become lifelong learners who pursue personal growth in the TLC areas.

In January, I began my social and emotional lessons in the 7th and 8th grade advisories. These lessons will help the students learn how to pursue personal growth from a social and emotional standpoint. The topic for January is learning how to manage stress with healthy coping strategies. This is a lifelong lesson and skill which will help students be able to identify healthy ways they can cope with stress, and figure out other healthy alternatives to utilize in the future. I look forward to working in the 7th and 8th grade advisories these next three months!

Jaime Garas - Middle School Counselor

Top 20 Puzzle Pieces displayed in hallway

Jaime Garas