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New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions
Coming back from the Christmas break can always be a tough one for students to handle. That is why in Mr. Fragodt's 7th grade math class, the first day back is full of review, along with a New Year's resolution activity.
New Year's is always a great time to think of a simple thing or two that each of us can do to improve and grow as a person. As we talked in class, students agreed that New Year's resolutions often do not last long, as individuals forget about them and they have no one to hold them accountable for their goal. For that reason, the New Year's resolution that each student made was hung up in the classroom as a reminder for them to see daily, and for their peers to help hold them accountable for their actions.
Some of the most popular resolutions included getting more sleep, eating healthier, using their phone less, and spending more time with their family. The students also wrote about what they would do to achieve their goal and drew a picture of their resolution.
It was a great activity that many of the students enjoyed, and hopefully they continue to work towards a goal that will help them have a new and improved 2019!
Student Drawings of New Year's Resolutions    Student Resolutions Posted in Classroom
Daniel Fragodt