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Albany Elementary Newsletter (January)


 News for January 2019
Notes from the Principal
Pawsitive Pride is alive and well at Albany Elementary! We have seen many positive changes in our building as a result of the implementation of our Pawsitive Pride program. Students are practicing the three pillars of our program:  “Be Respectful," “Be Responsible," and “Be Safe." So far, students have been taught expectations for the lunchroom and hallways. Two of our staff members retaught hallway expectations after we returned from our holiday break. Members of the student council will reteach hallway and cafeteria expectations to small groups of students as needed.

Classes have been working hard to earn one or both of our “traveling trophies." Classrooms who are observed practicing Pawsitive Pride in the hallway and lunchroom are nominated for these awards. The award for positive behaviors in the lunchroom is to have a purple spatula hung outside the classroom for two weeks. The classroom chosen for the award for positive behaviors in the hallway will have a “Paws”itive Pride mat outside their classroom door for two weeks.

Individual students are also being acknowledged for demonstrating positive behavior throughout our school. Students can be given a Pawsitive Pride slip by any adult in the building. Students put half of this slip in a classroom bucket and take the other half of the slip home to hopefully share with you why they received this acknowledgment. Each classroom dumps their slips into the “Huskie House” that will soon be placed in the lobby. Once this house is full we will have a building-wide celebration.

The next step in our implementation of our Pawsitive Pride program is to roll out playground expectations. All students will be taught these expectations by paraprofessionals who supervise on the playground. Hopefully your child can answer any questions you might have about our Pawsitive Pride program. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or 320-845-5207.

This Month's News

Notes from Third Grade
Every grade level is full of exciting and new curriculum for students to learn and be exposed to. Third grade is, of course, no different!  Here are some of the wonderful things third graders are doing this year.

Math: What is 6X4 and 8X3? How many hours are in a day? 24!!  Making up riddles for multiplication facts helps students in third grade remember multiples of numbers. We are practicing facts through multiples of 9. Really big numbers with place value as high as the millions and as low as the hundredths and thousandths will be taught along with units on geometry and fractions.

Social Studies and Science: Third graders develop lifelong learning skills through social and science units. The units that are taught are the United States government, the solar system, plants and animals, energy and sound, plus ancient China, Greece, and Egypt.  

Literacy: Exposure to vocabulary and building upon prior knowledge is a big part of our lessons. We continue to work on root words, prefixes and suffixes, similes, main idea and key details plus the author's point of view, figurative language, and cause and effect. Whew!

Our last field trip of the year will support our science curriculum. We are hoping to travel to SCSU to visit their planetarium and then on to St. John’s University to experience the process of making maple syrup.

Fun:  With all of the curriculum that is taught, we still manage to add in plenty of fun!
News from the Music Room
On Tuesday, December 11, of this past year, the Albany community entered a theatre that would take them on a short journey around the world. This year's December concert, Passport to Christmas, was a huge favorite among many families as they attended the first ever Albany Elementary Christmas concert in the BEAT. Listeners were taken on a trip to the six different continents (Antarctica excluded) and heard the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders sing Christmas carols from many different places. Songs from the following countries were heard: USA, England, Puerto Rico, Ireland, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mexico, India, Australia, and Venezuela. The audience was provided a "passport" with lyric translations and interesting facts about some of the countries they "traveled" to. A special treat ended the evening: the audience was surrounded by the students singing "Silent Night" in a dark room filled with candle light. Marking the 200th anniversary of its first performance, it was a magical moment few will forget. Thanks to the first, second, and third grade teachers for making the night such a special one!  
"My favorite moment last night was looking out into the crowd during Silent Night and seeing all the candles glowing while everyone sang: parent, student, and staff member. I don't teach music because it's beautiful; I teach music because it connects people to each other (strengthening relationships), and I think last night was a perfect example of that."
                                                                                                                       -Mr. Resley

Grade 1


Grade 2


Grade 3


Special Person's Day

We had a successful and fun Special Person's Day this year! Kinders made invitations and sent them via mail to their Special People. We met them in the lobby and showed them where we eat lunch and breakfast and then began our adventure! We created some wonderful gingerbread houses--and may have had a bit of candy too! We even had some time to play games with our Special People before the day ended. We are so appreciative of everyone at Albany Elementary who helped this great day go so smoothly, and we are so grateful for our parents and Special People who helped us get the materials and get the invitations sent.
PBIS "Paws"-itive Pride
Congratulations to Mrs. Steve’s class for walking quietly through the hallway; to Mr. Feldewerd’s class for having a nice, quiet line in the hallway; to Mrs. Spohn’s class for demonstrating good behavior in the cafeteria; and finally to Mrs. Hoeschen’s class for using good manners in the cafeteria.
100 Mile Club
We have a great group of students participating in the 100 Mile Club again this year. Students meet at 7:30 a.m. and run/walk before school.
The following students have reached 25 miles this month!

The following students have reached 50 miles this month!


Trash For Cash

Congratulations to Mrs. Croatt's second grade class for bringing in the most trash for the month of November. November's prize was dressing up Mrs. Schultz for the day!
Here is a list of trash that you can turn into cash for our school: Trash for Cash List.


What is kindergarten registration?
At Albany Area Schools kindergarten registration is a time when incoming kindergartners' parents come to our schools for an informational meeting.  

When is kindergarten registration?
At both Albany and Avon Elementary schools, registration will be held on January 29 at 5:00 p.m. Because it is an informational meeting, only parents are invited. 

What to do before registration.
Informational packets are sent to all parents of children that will be 5 years old by September 1, 2019. The informational forms received should be completed prior to attending the informational meeting.  

If you have not received an informational packet by January 22, please call your school office at Albany Elementary - Mrs. Noll 320-845-5200, Avon Elementary - Ms. Brenda 320-845-5300

Every child should be pre-school screened before they enter kindergarten. If your child has not been screened, please call Julie Stich at 320-845-5369. She will set up screening for all district students. 

What to expect.
At 5:00 p.m. there will be an informational meeting about what to expect for your student in kindergarten. There will be opportunities to ask questions of transportation, health office, and lunch expectations.

We look forward to meeting you at kindergarten registration. 

News In Review


Jump Rope 4 Heart

Third, fourth and fifth graders are gearing up for our annual American Heart Association event! This year we’ll be participating in Kids Heart Challenge, a fun and educational way to teach students the value of heart health and helping others.

We’re encouraging all 3rd – 5th grade students to join our team online and accept a health challenge to do the following: do a good deed daily, choose water over sugary beverages, or exercise every day.  Students who accept the challenge will receive a Heart Hero wristband at school!

To accept your health challenge, go to Accept the challenge then share the message with others! Thank you for your support of heart health and the American Heart Association!


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Winter Clothing Donation

Oakmont Capital Services, LLC out of Albany, Minnesota, generously donated winter clothing to Albany Elementary to help those in need.


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14-18          Snow Days
18               Early Release
21               NO SCHOOL
29                Kindergarten Registration
31               1:30 p.m. Play at the BEAT
5                  Grade 2 Field Trip to Paramount
6                  Kindergarten Field Trip to Paramount
7                  Conferences
8                  100th Day of School
11-12          Conferences
14-18          President's Day Break
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