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Albany Elementary Newsletter (November)

 News for November 2018
Notes from the Principal
It seems as though we have skipped autumn this year and have moved right into winter. With the snow and colder temperatures, it becomes more important than ever for our students to come to school prepared for the weather. Students in grades K-5 have the opportunity to go outside before school for approximately 15 minutes. All students also have a 20 minute recess time mid-day. As long as the temperature is above zero, students will go outside. Please be sure your child has a winter jacket, boots, snow pants, hat, and mittens/gloves every day.  Your child also needs to have tennis shoes in school for PE class. It might be helpful, if it works, for your child to leave a pair of tennis shoes in their locker. Students who don’t have tennis shoes on PE days must sit out. If you are unable to provide winter clothes for your child, please contact me or Kayla Schwieters, our school social worker, at or 320-845-5240.

Students are working hard to meet the Pawsitive Pride expectations we have introduced. We are continuing to practice being respectful, responsible, and safe in our school, especially in the cafeteria and hallways. All classes will have the cafeteria expectations re-taught by some of our paraprofessionals. Students will have the opportunity to earn a “traveling trophy” for demonstrating Pawsitive Pride. Every two weeks a class will be chosen from those nominated to have our purple spatula hanging outside their classroom or to have the “Paws”itve Pride doormat outside their door for having met expectations in the hallway and cafeteria. We will be introducing expectations in more areas of the school later in the year.

Thank you for your cooperation with our new visitor management system. It’s going very well. I just wanted to remind you that anytime you come to the building and plan to go beyond the lobby you must check in at the office to get a visitor sticker. This applies to before and after school as well. Our staff is expected to redirect visitors without stickers to the office, so please do not be offended if you are stopped. These procedures are in place to keep your child safe. Please remember to check out in the office before you leave the building if you are wearing a sticker.

Finally, we have a number of students who have a severe sensitivity to smells and get sick from strong odors. If you are visiting our school, please keep this in mind and limit the perfume/aftershave you wear. 

This Month's News

Officer Matt Gannon with the Albany Police Department will hold a parent meeting to discuss ALICE, our new lockdown procedures. Students are learning about these procedures in their classrooms, and this parent meeting would be a perfect time for you to learn more about ALICE, too. The meeting will be on December 6 at 7:00 p.m. in the BEAT.   
Notes from First Grade
All 100 first graders are happy to celebrate a wonderful start to the school year. From bus safety to fire awareness, we have met with local bus drivers and firefighters to learn more about SAFETY. Thanks to our flexible transportation department, due to the rain, we were able to catch a ride to Lake Country Vet Clinic where we learned all about taking care of our pets and saw some of their new technologies that help animals stay healthy. Thanks to parent volunteers, we were able to carve some spectacular jack-o-lanterns! First graders wrote about seeds, used their estimation skills along with sorting and lots of counting of slimy seeds. Will your pumpkin sink or float? How much does it weigh? What is the size of your pumpkin? How many seeds does your pumpkin have? How does your pumpkin smell? It was a BIG event! We are very grateful to our Junior Achievement volunteers who make learning about communities more fun. Thank you PTO for all of your AWESOME support! We look forward to traveling to Sibley State Park in May 2019.
100 Mile Club
We have a great group of students participating in the 100 Mile Club again this year. Students meet at 7:30 a.m. and run/walk before school. The following students have reached 25 miles this year!
Here are our students who have reached 25 miles with their t-shirts!

Read to Frankie and His Brother Freddie

Meet Frankie and his brother Freddie!! Frankie is an English Bulldog and Freddie is a Golden Retriever. They both LOVE listening to students read. Frankie visited kindergarten and Freddie visited first graders, and they all took turns reading to Frankie and Freddie.





Special Stories

Students in sixth grade created and wrote various stories in one of their classes, then came over and shared them with our kindergarten classes. The kindergardners were excited as they listened to the stories they had to share, rotating from one story to the next.

News in Review

Passport to Christmas: Carols from Around the World
Save the date! Our first, second and third grade students will have their Christmas program on Dec 11, 2018. This Christmas program will be at 6:30 p.m. in the BEAT (Blattner Energy Arts Theatre).


2                Early Dismissal                                    5                No School                                        11              Veterans Day                                      21-23         Thanksgiving Break
6                 Parent Meeting 7:00 p.m. at the BEAT                                                                        7                 Early Dismissal                                                                                                       11               Passport to Christmas Grades 1-3, 6:30 p.m. at the BEAT                                             24-31         Winter Break