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The Health Offices Are Going Green!

In an effort to save paper and postage, health forms for next school year will not be sent in the mail this summer. This includes both immunization forms and health paperwork such as medication order forms. 
We will accept medication orders, asthma plans, allergy action plans, immunization forms, etc. on forms from the doctor’s office. It does not need to be on our form. The only exception to this is Special Dietary Needs paperwork that Food Service needs to have filled out on their specific form. The Special Dietary Needs paperwork only needs to be filled out one time, and updated if there are any changes. Contact Food Service Director Tara Forner or District Nurse Asha Gregory with questions about Special Dietary Needs paperwork.

If you would like to print a copy of our documents you can find them on this page under the Health Forms section on the right. 

If you would still like a paper copy of any of our health forms but are unable to print them at home, please call the nurse in your student’s building to request the paperwork be sent home with your student or mailed to your home. 

A friendly reminder that if your student has any underlying health conditions that the nurse in their building should be updated about, please do so either verbally or in writing to your school’s nurse before the first day of school.
Also please let the nurse know about any hearing or vision issues your student may have.  Thank you! 

Immunization Requirements

All school districts must comply with Minnesota State Immunization Law (M.S. 121A.15), which states that all students must be immunized or show proof of legal exemption to attend school. Failure to be immunized or show evidence of immunization or legal exemption will prohibit the student from attending school.

In order to enroll your child(ren), parents or guardians must provide a written immunization record for their child(ren). 

Parents may file a medical exemption signed by a health care provider or a conscientious objection signed by the parent/guardian. These must be notarized and will be kept on file at the child's school.

Keeping Track of Immunizations

Your child's immunization records remain in the school system once enrolled. Be sure to update your child's health file by sending written verification each time he or she has received another immunization. Record your child's immunizations or exemptions on this form for your child's school.

Click here for the immunization form

Health Forms

Health Office Staff

Asha Gregory

Titles: Nurse
Locations: High School

Dianne Grebinoski

Titles: Health Office Assistant
Locations: Albany Elementary

Morgan Kampsen

Titles: Health Office Assistant
Locations: Albany Elementary

Melissa Wolbeck

Titles: Health Office Assistant
Locations: Avon Elementary