• Hello, this is Hannah Litchy.  I am doing the senior picture pages in the yearbook and I have finalized the senior page template.   Each senior will have two different pictures in the yearbook.

    The main picture will be a vertical headshot. This photo must show head, shoulders, and upper torso. The secondary picture will be a horizontal shot. The second picture should show more personality and can include props. We would prefer, if possible, that the pictures will use two different outfits. 
    Senior pictures can be sent to yearbook@district745.org in JPEG form. No print photos will be accepted. The deadline is Wednesday December 19th, 2018. When we receive your photos and determine that they meet all requirements, yearbook staff will send you a confirmation email. 
    Also, the yearbook will sell Public Displays of Affection (baby) ads for 2019 seniors.  More information about this will be emailed in the next couple of weeks. Limited space will be available. 
    Thank you,
    Hannah Litchy
    ~Yearbook Editor
    ~Senior Specialist