Albany Area Schools’ complete Summer COVID-19 Preparedness Plan can be found on our website at > COVID-19. This plan includes: 

  • Health Screening - We ask that participants complete the Home Screening Tool for COVID-19 Symptoms each day prior to attending programming. Participants will not be health screened upon entrance to the building(s). 

  • Attendance/Staying Home When Sick - We ask that participants follow the COVID-19 Decision Tree for People in Schools, Youth, and Child Care Programs, and most importantly stay home if you are not feeling well. Additional Resource: COVID-19 Attendance Guide for Parents and Families

  • Notification of Lab-Confirmed Positive Cases of COVID-19 - Per MDE and MDH requirements, all lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our buildings must be reported to MDH. Upon notification of a lab-confirmed case of COVID-19, we will work with school officials and local public health to contact trace the positive case and notify families.

  • Masks/Face Coverings - Wearing a mask or face covering in school district buildings is optional. Wearing a face mask or face covering on district transportation is required. 

  • Pod/Cohort Sizes - We will keep participants in small cohort groups that stay together as much as possible throughout the day and from day to day. Mixing of cohorts will be limited.

  • Cleaning/Sanitizing - All commonly touched surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected regularly. In addition, all building spaces will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected once per day. 

  • Water Bottles - Participants must bring their own water bottle (fountains unavailable) and other necessary supplies, unless otherwise noted.

  • Other - Everyday preventative actions, including hand washing and covering coughs and sneezes will be heavily emphasized. 

Note: The COVID-19 Preparedness Plan is subject to change based on state and local guidance. 

Albany Area Schools programs are being operated in compliance with state and federal guidelines during this global pandemic. All programs will take an abundance of care for all participants but acknowledge a potential risk for health and safety due to the COVID-19 pandemic.   


Updated June 3, 2021