Early Childhood Screening & Help Me Grow

Early Childhood Screening - Ages 3-5

⭐️  Is your child 4 years old and has not yet had an Early Childhood screening?
⭐️  Will your child soon be between 3 years 7 months to 3 years 11 months?
⭐️  Do you have any concerns about your child (ages 3-5) development?

If so, it is your time to schedule your child's Early Childhood screening!

Screening will take place at Avon Elementary School and will take approximately one hour, during which your child will have Hearing, Vision and Developmental Screening. The appointment will conclude with a Summary Interview.

This screening, offered at no cost to you, is required by the State of Minnesota and is a great way to connect with a licensed early childhood educator to share any concerns you may have or ensure your child is on track for Kindergarten. Appointments are available monthly, September-May.

make an appointment online  You may also call 320-845-5369 to schedule an appointment.

Help Me Grow - Ages Birth-36 Months

Parents who have any concerns regarding their infant's development between birth and 36 months (not yet age-eligible for Early Childhood Screening) should contact Wendy Hagl at the West Central Education District (WCED) at 320-256-6116 to learn more about programs and services available. Visit Help Me Grow, which is a great resource for understanding developmental milestones and managing concerns.