Community Backpack

Welcome to the ISD 745 Community Backpack!

This is a central posting area to distribute information from non-profit organizations and partners of ISD 745. Our schools have moved to electronic distribution of flyers from community groups. We support the reduction in paper use as well as the decreased volume of mail that our students carry in their backpacks.

This page brings all approved flyers into one place for easy browsing and downloading. Parents may want to bookmark the page for easy access.
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In order for a flyer to be posted here, it must meet one or more of the requirements defined below:

  • Originate from a non-profit agency or group
  • Advertise events of interest to students
  • Take place in one of our surrounding communities
  • Do not duplicate programs already offered in the Albany Area School District
Materials posted on this page are the responsibility of the organization represented. All flyers must be submitted to for review and approval. For more information on posting a flyer on Community Backpack, please contact the Community Education office.