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4 girls with books

Along with all of the great things that we do each year, this year we have decided to add something new. This school year we have a book vending machine. Each week, four of our students are chosen who have shown leadership as well as their Pawsitive Pride all around the school. The students' names will be announced on Friday mornings where they will get a certificate as well as the opportunity to pick a book from our Pawsitive Pride vending machine! The students who are chosen will get to be the first ones to use the book, then their name will be put inside of it and get added to their classroom library. Our first four students who were chosen last week are Violet Cunningham, Ella Fischer, Lily Dingman, and Alivia Blaskowski.


Great job being a leader and showing your Pawsitive Pride!

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students holding up black rod with fingers

This year our Maker's Space has turned into a STEM Lab (Science Technology Engineering and Math). The students have been working in teams and pairs to complete and build solutions to challenges. We are using the design process to help build and design solutions to the problems or challenges they are given. I want to send out a gracious thank you to all those parents who have donated supplies or even décor to our STEM lab. The students love it! 

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