About Us

Avon Elementary is a Preschool through 5th grade building serving over 400 students in the Albany Area School district. Avon Elementary is fortunate to have over 60 talented staff members who are team driven and extremely dedicated to ensure each child in the school has a positive and personalized learning experience. Avon Elementary’s goal is to work closely with families to make their experience a comfortable one focusing on the child as a productive learning and growing member of the school community. Avon Elementary has embraced the PAWSitive Pride program based on the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) framework. PAWsitive Pride provides all staff with the tools to consistently use the same language while teaching the behaviors that are expected of students. PAWSitive Pride gives staff the opportunity to create a solid foundation for a healthy and lasting relationship with all students. Avon Elementary was recognized in 2017 for being a MN Sustaining Exemplar School Award school by PBIS MN. Avon Elementary has much to be proud of. It is embodied in a community that works well together to make school a positive, caring, collaborative, and successful place.

This school has been recognized for success in the reading progress of students receiving free or reduced-price meals.

For more information see the School and District Accountability page of the MDE website.