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Mark your calendars for this fundraising opportunity!

As many of you know, we are working hard to raise money for the new Albany Elementary Community Playground. We’ve had a number of fundraisers that have helped us raise approximately $2,000. The Albany Jaycees have given us $9,000 so far and have indicated they’d likely be donating more. The Albany Lion’s Club has donated $10,000 and have dedicated the funds raised at the Sweetheart Dinner on February 7 to our playground as well. 

We are so thankful to these organizations for the support they continue to provide for our students. With these donations and the $50,000 contribution we have from the district, we have just over $71,000 toward our $301,000 project. We recently sent out letters to area businesses and are hopeful that we will receive donations from our very generous community. 

An additional fundraiser, an “Adult Prom,” is on March 14 at Shady’s in Albany. Join us for a “Roaring 20s” theme from 7:00-11:00 p.m. Purchase tickets in advance for $20 and at the door for $25. Tickets are available at the Albany Elementary office. Attendees of this event will enjoy music by DJ Kenny Hinnencamp.

I hope to see you on March 14!

Ann Schultz

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News from Preschool

Parents and Popcorn Night a chance for preschoolers and parents to learn.

Preschoolers and their parents attended Parents and Popcorn Night on November 14. During the event, preschoolers and parents participated in activities that pertain to skills they are working on in the classroom, including language skills, rhyming, alphabet recognition, alliteration, patterning, number recognition, sensory exploration, and fine and large motor skills. A slide show featuring the preschoolers "at work" in the classroom played throughout the event and everyone enjoyed popcorn and toppings. Preschoolers were also invited to wear their pajamas so they could just “pop” into bed when they got home.


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Hundred Mile Club

The Hundred Mile Club is going strong for another year!

100 Mile Club is a great way to start the day! The National Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend that children and adolescents aged 6-17 years participate in 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day. Our 100 Mile Club meets every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday before school to walk/run from 7:30-7:55.

Congratulations to these 100 Mile Club members for reaching 25 miles this month!


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