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Personalized Math Stations

Students participated in math stations to get what they need from math class.

In 7th grade math this past month, students participated in math stations focused on problems with percentages. Students attended three different stations, all focusing on different aspects of percentages.

One of the stations involved the students completing a table on converting between fractions, decimals, and percentages. This station was completed on their own or with some guided assistance from Mrs. Theiler.

Another station involved the students completing online questions covering percentage of change. These online questions provided students with immediate feedback and assistance if they struggled with an answer. The website also allows the students to work through questions at a pace comfortable for each individual learner.

The last station was with Mr. Fragodt, where the students worked through more specific questions in a small group. Students and Mr. Fragodt corrected any misunderstandings or misconceptions they may have had.

Overall, students found this to be a fun and positive experience. They received individual instruction with different stations that allowed them to work at their own pace to reinforce or master the content of percentages.


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Middle School Robotics

Middle School Robotics Team off to a great start in year one.

What is Robotics? Robotics is an educational extra-curricular activity that teaches students programming, math, project management, teamwork skills, and engineering. The students are in control of the project progress while the coach is there to supervise and assist the students. This year the team is thankful to have the help of Nathan Kalthoff and Noah Kalthoff.
The students will be required to engineer a robot that meets a few standards. The building area must be an 18x18x18 inch cube and the robot must have a max capacity of 8 motors. 
The team will be in an alliance with another VEX Robotics team, an alliance that was assigned at the beginning of the season. However, in the qualifying round teams could be picked to be an ally with one of the qualifying 16 teams. With their alliance, teams will compete against two other teams. The objective is to move blocks into the goals. 
The students compete in a number of tournaments; the Albany VEX Robotics team has competed in two tournaments already. The last tournament is January 7th. Each tournament consists of qualification matches, a Round of 16, quarter finals, semifinals, and finals.


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