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Various Clay Boxes

Eighth Grade Art students have been working hard on their clay projects this quarter. For most of them, they have not used clay for two years. We reacquainted ourselves with clay, learned about slab construction, and came out with great results! The following pieces were done by: Madison Fischer, Alyssa Tougas, Joelle Chavez Montanez, Katie Braun, Kaycee Pundsack, Mylie Jansky, and Brooke Bauer. 

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6th Grade Mural

The sixth graders worked together last quarter to make a mural. The students learned about color theory and how Jen Stark (the artist this mural is based on) used color in her work. Afterward, each student made their own "drip" of paint using a color scheme of their choice and combined it to look like a Jen Stark Mural Artwork.


The mural is hanging up by Room 154 so stop and take a look!

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Students holding up air testing equipment

Mr. Dingmann's Science classes could be seen all over the school building collecting data for their science investigation. This investigation allowed students to venture anywhere within the building without disrupting classes. Students were answering the question, "Do you think the relative humidity and dew point change at given locations at the school?" Sling Psychrometers were utilized in determining the wet bulb and dry bulb temperatures throughout the school. 

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