Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements:
Students at Albany Area High School are required to earn 30 credits to graduate.  Students have the opportunity to pick up 32 credits in their four years of high school. Each block is worth .5 credit per quarter. Credits are accumulated in grades 9-12 and included in those credits must be:

  • Four credits of English (English 9, English 10, 2 elective English credits),
  • Four credits of Social Studies (Early American History, Western Civilization, Modern American History, World Studies, Government & Economics),
  • Three credits of Science (General Science 9, Biology, and Chemistry)
  •  Three credits of Math (Required grades 9 and 10, and 11 or 12),
  • One credit in Fine Arts,
  • One credit of Physical Education (.5 credit in Grade 9 and .5 credit elective choice once in Grades 10-12)
  • One-half credit in Health, Speech and Media Literacy, Technology Education 9 or Family and Consumer Science 9, Keyboarding (unless successfully completed in Junior High School), and 9th grade Career Exploration, and
  • Twelve elective credits.
  • In addition to the required and elective credits, students must demonstrate minimum competencies for Reading, Mathematics, and Writing, through participation in Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments and College and Career Readiness Assessments as prescribed by the Department of Education.