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Students with trash collected

Students in high school are now participating in CCR (College and Career Readiness) days. Many students took advantage of the nice weather to join service projects that benefitted our communities.

High school students recently took part in service learning projects as part of new college and career readiness days or CCR. Each quarter, students in grades 9-12 will participate in service learning and attend sessions having to do with real life skills. Some sessions students attended in late October included Communication, Social Media Damage Control, Credit Cards 101, College Application workshop, and more.

A big highlight of the day were the service learning projects. Students cleaned up the school grounds, vans, and buses, helped clean the Wobegon Trail, North Park, and other smaller venues.

"I have to say, I was so impressed with my crew cleaning up the Wobegon Trail. Devin and Mitchell got after it! They were crossing creeks, crashing through the woods, and working for trash that had blown into highly inconvenient areas. They were some dedicated kiddos to picking up trash and both had wet feet by the time we made it back to school! In fact, they were so excited about picking up the largest pieces of trash that they requested a picture with it!"
- Jen Hiltner, English teacher and Yearbook advisor.

Students with trash collected

Also, pictured below are Aaron, Dylan, Cameron, and Peyton who coordinated their own service project. They cut, split, and stacked wood for Aaron's grandmother, who is unable to perform those necessary duties herself. 

The next CCR day will take place in January.

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Students performing on stage

The new theatre arts class in Albany has been well-received by high school students!

Albany's brand-new class, Theatre Arts, is off to wonderful start. Students in grades 9-12 are exploring the art of theatre through performance and technical elements as well as simply appreciating theatre as an audience. Using the BEAT for their classroom, the students have explored recreating famous portraits, have performed a fairy tale pantomime for the 4th graders,  have written and performed their own monologues, and will soon be performing scenes from famous plays, and learning about the concepts of stage design. Having the opportunity to explore and bust out of their comfort zone, the students are thriving in a very active, hands-on class that allows them to develop their skills and increase their confidence regardless of  their experience level. 

Students performing on stage


Students Perform the ugly duckling
Students performing rapunzel


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Student using glue gun

Adventures in Art class allows students to choose what projects they work on when they want to complete them. On any given day you will see many different projects going on!

Adventures in Art is off to a great start. The students are busy working on multiple projects at one time: metal relief, plaster fresco, hot wax batik, and glass fusing. Students are able to work at their own pace to complete their assignments.

In Pottery students are learning how to make hand-built items such as slab and coil pots and also are trying to master the pottery wheel! The wheel is not an easy feat to master in a quarter's worth of time, but students are practicing like crazy and are making some lovely bowls, cups, and vases! They have learned that perseverance pays off! Great job, everyone!

Student at Clay Wheel
Students mixing plaster


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