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Students at sewing machines

Students again took part in college and career readiness activities this month. Several groups did service learning projects including, caroling, visiting the Eagle's Healing Nest, and knitting hats for cancer patients.

Fifteen students came together to make hats for cancer patients.  We were hoping to produce 15 hats; however during our hour and a half together, with great teamwork-pinning, cutting and sewing-we created 29 hats!  Great job team!

Students Knitting
Students at sewing machines


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Fruit Batteries

Students in chemistry class learn about energy.

Mr. Passe's 10th grade Chemistry class investigated how fruits, vegetables, and beverages can be used to conduct and generate electricity. Students brought in and tested (among other food items) pickles, pineapples, energy drinks, and even cheese sticks! They brought the 'potato battery' to a whole new level.

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Students with trash collected

Students in high school are now participating in CCR (College and Career Readiness) days. Many students took advantage of the nice weather to join service projects that benefitted our communities.

High school students recently took part in service learning projects as part of new college and career readiness days or CCR. Each quarter, students in grades 9-12 will participate in service learning and attend sessions having to do with real life skills. Some sessions students attended in late October included Communication, Social Media Damage Control, Credit Cards 101, College Application workshop, and more.

A big highlight of the day were the service learning projects. Students cleaned up the school grounds, vans, and buses, helped clean the Wobegon Trail, North Park, and other smaller venues.

"I have to say, I was so impressed with my crew cleaning up the Wobegon Trail. Devin and Mitchell got after it! They were crossing creeks, crashing through the woods, and working for trash that had blown into highly inconvenient areas. They were some dedicated kiddos to picking up trash and both had wet feet by the time we made it back to school! In fact, they were so excited about picking up the largest pieces of trash that they requested a picture with it!"
- Jen Hiltner, English teacher and Yearbook advisor.

Students with trash collected

Also, pictured below are Aaron, Dylan, Cameron, and Peyton who coordinated their own service project. They cut, split, and stacked wood for Aaron's grandmother, who is unable to perform those necessary duties herself. 

The next CCR day will take place in January.

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