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3D Art Class

This High School 3D design class is halfway through their monumental newspaper sculptures. Students are making animals that inhabit the same characteristics as they do.  They are learning a lot about each other and the traits they are proud to have. Student artists are also learning how to create artwork that can be viewed from all sides.  

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Bandsaw Boxes

Advanced Woods students are building skills while learning how to create beautiful bandsaw boxes. The students start off with an idea, then turn the idea into a pattern which is then placed on a wood blank. Then it’s off to the bandsaw. Students gain a number of skills while completing this project, including resawing and scrolling with a bandsaw, sanding curves using a disc, spindle and orbital sander, gluing and clamping materials, and applying finishes. The best thing about this project is seeing the students learn about the perseverance required to create a high quality product. The sweet reward of the end product makes it all worth it.

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