Captains & Leaders

Provide Leadership to the Activities you are involved in AND Albany Schools as a community, thus to the Albany Student Body - your classmates and peers as well as the younger students who look up to you!! Help strengthen our school community and create a positive atmosphere during the school day and school activities.  Role model a respect for EVERYONE you encounter and create within our school and programs an atmosphere and culture where all feel welcome, accepted and a part of our school community with a sense of PURPLE PRIDE. Must be nominated by a coach or advisor.
Captains & Leaders Activities - Help at various events, Jam the Gym, work with younger Huskies.  Group meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month during the school year at 2:30.

AGES/GRADE - 9-12 (nominated by coach or advisor)

FEES - None

Scott Buntje -