• Title IX Provisions

     Our school district has implemented the Title IX regulations. The following material will provide you with the purpose of Title IX and a grievance procedure. A series of Federal and State anti-discrimination laws have been enacted to define equality and to ensure its implementation. Title IX is the most recent such law.

     Title IX reads that:  "no person...shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance."

     This regulation established criteria for eliminating sex discrimination in education programs and activities. 

     Any student or employee of Independent School District No. 745 who feels that he/she has been discriminated against in violation of this District's policy, shall avail themselves of the following grievance procedure:

    Section 1. Filing, Time Limit for Filing: 

    A student or employee who believes himself or herself to be a victim of sex discrimination in violation of Title IX may file a grievance in writing with the district's Title IX compliance officer (if not grievable by means of another grievance procedure). The grievance must be filed within 7 calendar days of the alleged discriminatory act/conduct.

    Section 2. Investigation; Informal Conference

    Subd. A. The district compliance officer shall make a prompt investigation of each charge filed. If, after investigation, in the compliance officer's opinion, the charge lacks foundation, he shall so inform the complainant with 15 calendar days of the date of filing of the charge. 

    Subd. B. However, should the compliance officer's investigation disclose the possibility that the charge is valid or has some foundation, he shall meet informally with the complainant and the District officials/employees involved and endeavor to arrive at an equitable solution to the problem. 

    Section 3. Appeal and Time Limits on Appeals

    If the complainant is dissatisfied with either the results of the informal conference or the compliance officer's finding that no violation of Title IX has occurred, he/she may appeal that decision to the school board. Such an appeal must be taken within five (5) days from the date the complainant was informed of the compliance officer's decision. The appeal must be in writing and state the particular reasons the complainant disagrees with the compliance officer's disposition of his/her case. 

    Section 4. Optional Hearing Procedures, Decisions, Review by School Board

    Subd. A.  If the grievance is not informally resolved, both the complainant and the alleged discriminator shall have the opportunity to be heard on their own behalf.

    Subd. B.  The hearing will be held before any one of the following at the option of the school board:

    1.  the full school board; or

    2.  a committee of three school board members appointed by the board chairman; or 

    3.  a district administrator recommended by the compliance officer and approved by the school board.

    Subd. C.   The written decision issued as a result of a hearing held pursuant to this Section shall be final, subject to review by the full school board as provided in Subd. D.

    Subd. D.  The school board may accept, reject or modify the relief recommended by its designee or the committee of three board members.


    Adopted September 9, 1976

    Revised August 8, 1980


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