• Asbestos

    Albany Area Schools will have qualified consultants and licensed contractors present within the Secondary School over the summer break performing removal of asbestos containing materials. To keep construction schedules on track, set-up for the project will be occurring during the last week of May. Actual abatement activities will not take place until June 4th and will likely continue on for three weeks. If there are any questions on the abatement process, please contact Dean Mitchell at 320-845-2171 or email at dmitchell@district745.org

    Albany Area Schools has an asbestos management plan in place to monitor all current asbestos containing materials. The District completes a full and complete inspection every three (3) years by a licensed inspector with the most recent inspection completed in 2017. In addition, the District also contracts with a licensed inspector to conduct a surveillance of all asbestos containing materials every six months to ensure that no changes have taken place or that any asbestos containing material has been damaged. These inspection reports are available in the District Office. In accordance with the management plan, all custodial and maintenance staff, who may come into contact with asbestos containing materials, have been shown where this material is located and trained in how to address any issues. Outside contractors are also made aware of the location of this material in the district before commencing any work. Questions or concerns should be addressed to Dean Mitchell at 320-845-2171. A copy of the management plan is available in Mr. Mitchell's office.


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