Classroom Devices

  • Our classroom teachers use technology in many ways to facilitate learning inside and outside their classrooms.

    Students in grades K-4 share iPads in a 2:1 environment, meaning there is at least one iPad for every two students in a class. There are also devices available on carts for teachers to use in addition to or as a substitute for iPads when a technology tool is needed. Those cart devices include Chromebooks, Macbooks, and extra iPads. Our fifth graders in Avon have 2:1 Chromebook classrooms, and in Albany the 5th graders have 2:1 iPad classrooms.

    Our new middle school provides Chromebooks for every student to rent in grades 7-8 in a 1:1 environment. Sixth graders share carts of Chromebooks and an iPad cart, and they will keep several Chromebooks in their classrooms.

    In grades 9-12, our students may choose to rent a Chromebook from the school or bring their own device.
    This system is called a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment. All students have a device, but they may choose to rent from the school or provide their own personal device.

    We also have a Mac lab at each elementary school and several labs in the middle and high school.

Tech Department Contacts