• What Is the PSAT?
    The PSAT assesses the critical reading, mathematics, and writing skills students need for college and beyond.
    Students sign up for the PSAT with their school counselor. Online registration is not available to students or parents. The cost is $14.
    Area Timing Question Types Measures how well students
    Critical Reading
    Two 25-minute sections

    Sentence completion

    Passage-based reading

    Analyze, evaluate, and think logically about what they read
    Math Two 25-minute sections


    Student-produced response (grid-ins)

    Use arithmetic, algebra, and geometry to think logically and solve familiar and unfamiliar problems
    Writing Skills One 30-minute section

    Improving sentences

    Identifying sentence errors

    Improving paragraphs

    Express ideas in standard written English, recognize faults, and use language with sensitivity to meaning
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