• What is MCIS?
    The Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS) is a fee-based subscription available in more than 80 percent of Minnesota schools. The system is Internet-based and offers a wealth of career, educational and labor market information in one comprehensive, easy-to-use tool. MCIS included interest and skill assessments, information on colleges, program requirements for various occupations, ACT practice tests and more. Using MCIS, students have the option of building a portfolio so they can plan and track progress toward their educational goals.
    Plan Your Future: 
    Learn more about yourself, plan your education, and create a career plan.
    Answer questions about yourself and connect to occupations that may interest you.
    Explore different occupations and find out what people do at work.
    Learn about industries and investigate career options in the military. 
    Find out if self-employment is a good fit for you.
    Identify programs of study that interest you and schools that offer them.
    Learn more about apprenticeships.
    Explore your options for paying for school.
    Create a résumé.
    Learn how to apply and interview for jobs.
    Find ways to succeed on your job.