• What is the ASVAB Career Exploration Program?
    The ASVAB  Career Exploration Program can help you take steps now toward finding a career that's right for you.  You can benefit from the program whether you plan to pursue further education after high school or enter the workforce right away. This program is designed to help you:

       1. learn more about yourself and the world of work
       2. explore occupations in line with your interests and skills
       3. develop an effective strategy to realize your career goals

    The first step toward finding a career is to spend some time finding out about yourself.  The ASVAB Career Exploration Program includes tests and activities that help you identify your interests and provide information about your verbal skills, math skills, and science and technical skills.  The program can also help you find out how your interests and skills relate to the demands of more than 400 occupations and start making your educational and career plans.


    Take advantage of the ASVAB Career Exploration Program as you consider a full range of career options.

    To learn more, visit the website at: http://www.asvabprogram.com
    ASVAB test is usually given in September at Albany High School.  Sign up in the Counseling Office if you would like to test.